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My Story

Mindful Art coach, Meditation teacher and Artist 

Hi! I'm Pitu. I am a curious being that started this journey of self discovery over 11 years ago.  I did my first Meditation training when I was 18. I had a very active mind and I found that to connect with who I was I needed to cultivate silence and connect with my body. I have always felt drawn to things that make me feel joy and peace. I found my way back to Art in the last 4 years. I used to love painting when I was younger, but no one ever told me I was “good at it”. So I stopped. But the funny thing was that throughout my Business degree I drew on my notebook everyday. Art was the space I went when I needed to feel held. But I didn’t realise this until years later. So now I encourage everyone to create because we can all get the benefits of Art and also, it's about the journey!


After being an English teacher full time for 10 years I realised I was going through burnout. I felt uninspired and constantly tired, so I reconnected with my first love: Art. I never knew that this journey was going to lead me to Mindful Art. I just gave myself time to create and realised that I had many limiting thoughts but that when I meditated before creating, I was aware of of mind and I found that my creative time was a space to rewrite my story.

in your journey of exploring creativity and connecting with yourself.

A bit about my background 

I have done meditation courses for 10 years and I have completed 300 hours yoga teacher trainings and Meditation teacher trainings (70 hours). I am passionate about using creative approaches to learning and to use Mindful Art as a means to connect with yourself and with who you are. Mindful Art can have a positive impact on our wellbeing and the connection with our bodies and I now guide you through this journey. 

How can I support you in this journey?

Group classes at my studio in Freshwater

1:1 coaching programme (Fully booked for Feb but starting again in May)

Let's create special events together! Retreats and Events

Online sessions (coming in 2024)

I would love to guide you in your creative journey! If you would like to work together feel free to reach out!


Mindful art events by Pitu Studio


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