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Create your life journey

A coaching programme for times when you know the old is not working but you're unsure what the new is

A Transformational Journey through Meditation, Art, Interoception and Journaling. Starting with the premise that you are your most important project we explore how to delve deep into who you are to navigate transitions and create your own journey.


When I first started my quest to find who I am, I experimented and studied different tools to guide me through the process. In our sessions I will be sharing these tools and my journey to help you build a life that is driven by intention and self discovery. This programme is designed to unlock your inner potential, cultivate mindfulness, and let your creativity guide you through a journey of transformation. 

I started this journey saying that it was difficult for me to imagine a place where I feel comfortable and I ended up visualizing myself at the top of the mountain, trying to listen to my voice and getting out of inertia.Thank you for guiding me on this path and for sharing your tools with me.

Although it is true that big changes cannot be made in three months, you have made me seek within and see things that were inside me, but that I had not connected with before. Thank you for the love and care with which you do the sessions. I have really enjoyed each and every one of them.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to achieve the goals I came to the programme with. The blend of all your tools is amazing to experience and I loved your meditations and creativity sessions and I loved being able to do it online.  Your gentle but structured approach gave me the support I needed to connect with this new journey I wanted to start. 

About the programme

📅 Programme: 7 sessions, 75 mins Fortnightly Sessions. We will schedule the dates and times individually, don't follow the dates on the site.

📍 Location: Freshwater or Online

 🌞 Personalised Coaching: we will work closely on a one-on-one basis, tailoring the programme to your intentions and will design your journey together by working with Mindfulness and Creativity tools to help you find your journey and connect with a life of purpose.

🧘  Chakra work: in each session we will focus on one chakra. Each chakra represents stages and different levels of energetic work that will support you during each step. 

🧘 Mindfulness and Self-Discovery: delve deep into mindfulness practices that will deepen your self-awareness, connection to your body and your inner creative world through guided meditations, journaling and Mindful Art.

🎨 Inner Exploration through creativity: discover unique ways to channel your inner world and connect with who you are creating a path that is guided by purpose and alignment.


This programme is for you if: 

-You want to embark a self discovery journey guided by mindfulness and creativity 

-You feel stuck or in need of a change

-You know the old is not working anymore but you're not quite sure what the new is

-You want a journey to feel supported and guided 

To book your spot or learn more you can email me on or book a free call to see if we are a good fit.


 The journey includes:

- A Mindful Art starters pack

-7 sessions (option to extend)

-Support throughout the journey

-Free spots at the meet ups during the 3 months of the programme

-Discounted group classes


This journey is for anyone who wants to explore their potential through creativity and mindfulness. I believe we are all innately creative and by exploring different approaches, this transformation from within will have an impact on different parts of your life.

My background in coaching and business also helps me support your through this journey if you wish to apply it to your projects and the focus will always be on you as the person who leads this journey. because You are your most important project.



Coaching options

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